Practice Areas

  • Advertising Sales
  • Advertising Research
  • Branding/Integrated Marketing
  • Business Strategy (Operational)
  • Circulation Marketing Plan
  • Circulation Single Copy Sales Evaluation and Plan
  • Circulation Fulfillment and/or RFP with Vendor Selection
  • Circulation Audit (BPA / ABC / Verified)
  • Circulation Management
  • Content Development
  • Content Licensing
  • Editorial (content) Research
  • Due Diligence
  • Executive Recruiting
  • Electronic Publishing/Content Management

Lou's Blog


A New Way to Be a Player

By Lou Ann Sabatier, as posted to

"A benefit of games is that the playing of the game itself creates content."

Gamification: integrating game mechanics into non-game material to increase engagement. Early in 2011, Douglas MacMillan, in Bloomberg Businessweek, called it a growing business to invigorate stale websites. And Gartner Group recently reported that by 2015, 70 percent of the Global 2000 corporations will actively be using Gamification in business. If you want to increase affinity with your brand, grow traffic (up to 20x for some sites) and retention, create new online advertising inventory and lead generation, read on.

An interview with Rick Bolton, Vice President-North America, Tycoon Systems, Inc.

Commentary Archive

Publishing in a Digital World

Media literacy – we help make sense of a digital world.  And the digital world is about content: creating perspective, curating, rating, social, sharing, and linking.

As Seth Godin, a respected internet pundit, says “the future of publishing is a process.” We offer resources to support you at any point in that process.

Insight – research, user experience/usability testing, trends, case studies, best practices, strategy, technology, business planning

Collaboration - train, facilitate, partner

Execution - develop, design, support

  • Strategic Site Audits
  • Landing Pages
  • Subscription Order Forms
  • Banners
  • Web Site Design

Recent Assignments

  • Create site strategy, design, and develop website for an international health publication
  • Prepare SEO strategy for redesigned website
  • Review content licensing contracts and advise on licensing strategy
  • Campaign management for direct mail, email and SEM
  • Develop online business plan
  • Conduct a strategic & operations evaluation for medical publication
  • Facilitate a content strategy plan work session
  • User experience and usability testing for redesigned website

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