Social Media

For many publishers, social media like FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn have become the key drivers of traffic to their web site, surpassing paid or organic search traffic or online advertising. Those three SM sites have over 2.3 billion users – that represents about 65% of the world’s online population. And, more and more, social media is the key place where people find their news, information, opinion and entertainment.

For the publisher, then, SM represents a key battlefield to find, attract and retain people for your web site or other digital or print properties. If you don’t have a social media strategy with regular ESMO (editorial social-media outreach) and monitoring you’re missing out on a lot of the real conversation out there, whatever your subject or audience niche is. And you’re missing out on audience and revenue.

We can help you develop an SM strategy with realistic goals and the ways to execute on it every day. For example, did you know that FaceBook drives about eight times more traffic to publisher sites than Twitter? Twitter builds buzz, but not very much web traffic or revenue. We can help you develop your FaceBook presence and processes to keep on top of the conversations and sharing you’re building there and convert that engagement into traffic back to your site. And we can help you craft social content that resonates with your audience.