Digital Product Development

Digital Product Development

Almost every publisher has digital assets today – a web site, FaceBook page, perhaps a mobile app. This is essential now – as audiences around the world migrate from print to digital, print revenues have been in decline for almost twenty years in most publication niches.

But are you getting the most benefit from your digital properties? Are they drawing, engaging and retaining users? Do they generate significant revenue? Are they outdated in design or features? Are they difficult, expensive or time-consuming to update or maintain?

Our digital publishing specialists can help. We conduct web and app usability studies that pinpoint problems in your site or app’s information architecture (IA) – how the content and features are organized and presented – and look at your user analytics to see how people use (or don’t use) your digital products. Perhaps you have a web site when your audience really wants a mobile app – or the other way around?

We can then help you fix any issues – that could mean revising or updating your app, FaceBook page or web site, or developing an entirely new digital property for you to address a different audience group or open up a new revenue stream.

We have years of experience in the technical, design and workflow issues involved in digital publishing, and we can help in every aspect of building or improving your digital properties – from the initial needs analysis to writing the RFP and sourcing qualified suppliers to complete development project management services.