Audience Strategy & Development

Audience Strategy & Development

Every business must find, attract and retain an audience who wants the product or service they offer. In this digital era, a publisher can reach out to an audience down the street or around the world, but that audience also has more choice on where they get their news, information, opinion and entertainment than ever before. Publishers need to know their current or desired users very well, and that starts with the initial mix – who do you want as a user/customer and what sort of content and services do they want that you could provide?

Our audience-development team can work with you to define (or re-define) your ideal audience group(s) – their demographics, content and service interests in your niche, print or device preferences, purchase decision factors, and so on. We use this data to build a set of audience ‘personas’ – the key typical audience member types and their different tastes and requirements. We can help you extrapolate which user types represent the most desirable ones for your organization – the ones who can generate the highest ARPU (average revenue per user) income, or the ones with the most influence (in the case of advocacy organizations). We can also help match audience groups to advertiser or sponsor groups.

With this data in hand, you’re ready to reach out to your ideal audiences – and we’ll held you find the most cost-effective way to do that, from outdoor billboards to TV to Google Search or FaceBook promotions.

Once people start to notice you, the goal is to move them through three ‘funnels’ – increasing their frequency of using your product; increasing their engagement with your product (reading more of each magazine issue or spending more time on your website, commenting or posting your content out to social media, etc.); and, finally, conversion – moving them to subscribe, contribute or join.

Keeping that audience and finding new audience members to handle the inevitable churn is an ongoing process, involving regular touch points with your current, potential or lapsed users and fine-tuning your products based on their feedback.

We can help with every step along the way.