Advertising Sales

In a world where there are no longer advertising ‘must-buys’ and web banner ads are worth little, it’s critical to have a razor-sharp view of the publishing and advertising industries, both in print and online. It’s the only way to build keen insights into the markets and strategies where any given title might best succeed. And thoughtful, strategic planning and focused execution are key to successful ad sales efforts. We help you achieve your advertising goals with new ad product models (like sponsored / native advertising, location-driven ads, etc.), training and motivating your sales team, developing media sales kits and materials, building realistic sales goals and plans, developing new prospecting & performance measurement tools and so on.

Advertising Research

We can survey your advertisers to help you determine what your strengths (and weaknesses) are from your advertisers‘ perspective and what additional audience segments, content, services or features might interest them most. We’ll identify why advertisers buy advertising from your competitors, so you can make informed decisions about what direction you should pursue with your product and your advertisers in the future. We can analyze your current and past ad sales by content section placement, advertiser type and size to reveal just what content and advertiser types drive the most profit for you.